Custom made and customized Teddy jackets.
100% French artisanal manufacturing.





After having spent a few years in Philadelphia, USA, in a big university jackets factory, specialized in providing colleges and their sport teams, we decided to launch our own production .This jacket renamed « Teddy& » was marketed in 1966 in France, by our brand name HORSELAND. In the 90's Horseland was the exclusive NFL's(USA) producer and distributor for Europe.


After the"Peace and love" years, the cowboys years with the importations of western boots, "rockers" jackets, Schott's jackets as well as down jackets.... Here we are again with BARACOUDA and our Teddy jackets that come into a variety of styles, on request/ for clubs, associations , all kind of sports, and for private sales, too


Everybody can wear this "University jacket " : the very young people, the young ones as well as the less young ones. Juniors, women, men, whatever fanciful or classical they are.


It's the only article of clothing which will go with you from one end of your life to the other end, it will fit you perfectly.....

Customization et colors

Large variety of colors for leather and fabrics.